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  • Admin assistant - mandarin speaking

    1.Act as a liaison between management and other stakeholders.
    2.Provide interpretation/translation services in meetings, telephone conversations or conference calls.
    3.Provide written interpretation/translation/editing of reports, documents and letters between English and Chinese.
    4.Administrative organization and process management responsibilities, especially those related to processing Chinese documents.
    5.Provide high-level administrative support
  • Warehouse Manager

    1. Responsible for the inspection and acceptance, warehousing, stacking, custody, inventory, reconciliation, and delivery management of warehouse goods;
    2. Manage the warehouse operation team to ensure the normal process of receiving, packaging, and shipping;
    3. Scientifically manage the inventory of goods, propose improvement plans, and increase the utilization rate of the warehouse;
    4. Responsible for the management of the warehouse site team and the scheduling of warehouse staff;
  • Visual Designer

    1. Responsible for the company's various types of graphic design work, participate in and cooperate to complete
    Design work such as promotional materials and brochures;
    2. Responsible for the overall visual design of the company's official website and online channels, processing the images required by the official website, official WeChat account and other online channels, event advertising images and promotional page design;
    3. Art, graphic design, advertising design, visual communication and other related majors are preferred.
  • Brand Specialist

    1. Company brand building: Responsible for the company's overall brand positioning and grasp the tone of publicity. Exploring and manufacturing brand promotion events to promote the company's overall brand building;
    2. Industry media and agency outreach: Responsible for docking industry media, institutions, associations and consulting companies, responsible for the placement and planning of promotional content, and various industry lists;
    3. Owned media content operation: responsible for the operation and dissemination of social media such as ins/fb;
    4. Brand event planning: Responsible for planning and participating in brand promotion activities, mobilizing internal and external resources to achieve brand promotion goals;
  • E-commerce specialist

    1. Store operation management (product launch, product content search optimization)
    2. Sign up for e-commerce platform activities, follow up with resources
    3. Data analysis, weekly report, monthly report, activity summary, monthly summary
    4. Communicate with the brand to solve brand needs
    5. Store background promotion settings
  • Finance Manage

    1. Lead and organize the development and management of the daily work of the members of the group
    2. Review of Kingdee system certificates
    3. Issuance of reports
    4. Review of daily reimbursement expenses
    5. The amortization of expenses and the entry of depreciation of fixed assets
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