Fashionable Mommy & Baby Brand

Brand Name of MAKUKU

  • 01 "MA" refers to "mom", representing meticulous love, warmth and care.
  • 02 "KU" refers to "cool", derived from the English word which means fashioned, handsome and enviable, and can also be used as a degree word, meaning "very much".

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Brand Positioning

Brand Mission

  • Mission

    For the global baoma to provide high quality,high grade,high safety banby home products and warm service.

  • Positioning

    To be a Fashionable Mommy & Baby Brand.
    To be the choice of more young mommies.


Brand Tone


MAKUKU Comfort Series Diaper

Super-absorbent, Dries in seconds, Comfortable diapers, come and try it!

MAKUKU Slim Series Diaper

Ultra-nourishing, more skin-friendly, diapers that absorb a large 
amount and effectively prevents red butt.

Maternal & Baby Care

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address: F12,The finance centre, 26th St & 9th Ave. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig ,Metro Manila, Philippines

Shanghai MAKUKU E-commerce Co., Ltd.
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