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Complete Guide for Parents: How Should a Diaper Fit?

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Complete Guide for Parents: How Should a Diaper Fit?



Approximately, babies go through 2,200 pieces of diapers in the first year alone. After the first birthday, it will be inconsistent on how many more years for diapering. Although experts recommend starting potty training by the time a child is three and some kids may need an additional year to master the process.

Imagine, that is a lot of diapers! So, parents would always want each one to be comfortable and keep any messes contained. You may use a great hack on some diapers to see if you've secured the diaper. First, take a diaper and examine the front. You'll see that your diaper has cute character decorations, but there are also some odd-looking markings to see where to tape the diaper wings.


Your baby's diapers should be snug around the waist and legs, but not too tight. The fit should be snug enough to hold the diaper in place without giving your child tiny baby belly rolls out of the top of their waist. The newborn’s belly button is not only a sweet happy memory of their attachment to their parents, but it is also the ideal location for tickling and the ideal target to get your babies to laugh. But while you may have mastered the art of bonding with your baby and their adorable belly button, you may be stumped when it comes to changing their diaper. Do you cover or leave your baby's belly button uncovered with their diaper?


Here are some guide to know more about how disposable diapers should fit:

Is it normal for diapers to cover a baby's belly button?


The presence of an umbilical stump determines whether a baby's diaper should cover its belly button. If your baby is a newborn with an umbilical stump, their diaper should not cover their belly button; however, if your baby is older and does not have an umbilical stump, their diaper should cover it. Always remember that side leaks may occur if the diaper is not properly positioned.

Diapers should not cover a newborn's umbilical stump


If your baby still has an umbilical stump, make sure the diaper doesn't cover it. Pediatricians’ advise is to keep the area clean, dry, and exposed to air. You can fold your baby's diaper down or pull the diaper up higher over your baby's belly button to keep the waist of the diaper below its stump. But you may consider purchasing U-shaped cutout diapers for newborns for a hassle-free diapering experience and reduce the risk of skin irritation and infection in the area.

Correct diaper fit after the umbilical stump falls off


When your newborn's umbilical stump has dried and fallen off, you can start diapering your baby to cover their belly button. This is an excellent moment to perform a diaper fit check and ensure that the belly button is covered in the front while properly covering their bum behind.

Add to the checklist if the waistband and leg cuffs are snug but have room for two fingers underneath, there are no red marks on the baby's skin, there are no coverage gaps, and there is enough diaper material to cover the bum to the belly, and your little one isn't frequently leaking through the sides or experiencing poopy blowouts – then this means the diaper is good and right fit!

Do diaper sidewalls go in or out?


You might be startled like many first-time parents to learn what the diaper sidewalls are for. Just make sure that curls delightfully around the top of your baby's thighs to prevent leakage or overflow and should be pulled out to lock everything in.

How do you know when a diaper is too big?

The most typical fit problem isn't having a too-big diaper. Newborn sizes are typically where you start in the diaper hierarchy, and you gradually work your way up. Even so, you can still find yourself in an overwhelming scenario. You might opt to switch brands for instance to know the perfect size according to your baby’s age. Signs that a diaper is too big entails:

  • Excessive space between the diaper and baby's legs
  • Excess diaper material on their stomach or bottom
  • Diaper blowouts or leaks on a regular basis
  • Urine is dripping directly from the diaper
  • More than two fingers can be inserted beneath the elastic waist.
  • More than two fingers can be accommodated beneath the diaper ruffles.


How do you know when a diaper is too small?


There doesn't appear to be any end to your baby's growth in sight. Most parents are becoming more worried that diapers are too tiny for their baby as they continue to expand upward and outward. Although your gut feeling is generally accurate, be on the lookout for symptoms of a too-tight diaper just to be safe. Signs that a diaper is too small include:

  • Diaper stains on the baby's belly or legs
  • There isn't enough room for more than two fingers under the elastic waist.
  • There's only enough room for two fingers beneath the sidewalls
  • It does not cover all the way to the belly button
  • It doesn’t entirely cover the baby's bottom
  • Leakage through diapers within 2-3 hours of being changed


In essence…


Diapers turn out to be quite complex considering how easy they initially appear to be. It can be difficult to find the perfect diaper in terms of fit and size. Nevertheless, because your infant is unable yet to communicate their discomfort to you verbally, it is crucial to understand how a diaper should fit as well as the telltale indicators of an uncomfortable diaper. These advice are merely guidelines; as the parent, you should also trust your gut. Nobody knows your child like you do. Even if you adhere to all the instructions, something might still be off. In any way you notice your baby looking uncomfortable in a certain diaper, then switch it up!


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