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When is the Right Time to Change Baby Diapers?

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When is the Right Time to Change Baby Diapers


Checking to see if your baby needs a diaper is something you do all day and night. There are several ways and techniques to check, but which is the simplest way to determine if your baby requires a diaper change?


There are various methods to tell whether your baby's diaper is wet or soiled, but the simplest is to make a quick diaper pinch to see if the diaper is full of pee. This is straightforward and easy to accomplish regardless of what the baby is wearing. When your baby starts eating solid foods, it might also help you determine if he or she has pooped. Read on to discover how to check your baby's diaper and determine whether or not it is wet.


4 Ways to Check Baby’s Diaper


The pat or pinch check, the thigh check, the butt check, and the sniff test are all ways for checking your baby's diaper. 


1. The pat or pinch test is the simplest technique to determine whether your baby needs a diaper change. Simply pat or lightly squeeze the front of the baby's diaper to test if it feels squishy, indicating the presence of pee. Once your baby starts eating solids, this checking on the bottom will also be useful to see whether your little one has pooped.


2. The smell check goes hand-in-hand with the pat or pinch technique. If your little one passes the pat or pinch test, bring their diapered bottom up to your nose and smell it. If they have pooped, you should be able to tell.


3. Another simple approach is the thigh check, which is especially useful if your kid is wearing a onesie or jumpsuit. Lift your baby's leg and insert a finger between the diaper and their inner thigh, just enough to look inside. You should be able to see whether the baby has poop in it, but be prepared with wipes in case you get some poop on your finger.


4. The last way to check is the butt check, which is very similar to the thigh check and easy to do if the baby is just in a shirt, dress, or two-piece outfit. This check is mainly for poop and you start by pulling the back of the baby’s diaper out enough to see into the diaper, usually far enough to see the baby’s butt crack. You will be able to see if the baby has poop in that diaper.


How to Know if Baby’s Diaper is Wet?


It’s usually pretty obvious when your baby has pooped, but it can be hard to tell if the diaper is wet until it’s uncomfortable and leaking.


The best way to check to see if your baby’s diaper has pee in it is to do a quick pat or squeeze check. The diaper will feel heavier and fluffier than a dry diaper, letting you know it may be time for a change. 


You can also depend on the wetness indicator, which MAKUKU Slim and Comfort diapers have in a yellow stripe on the front that turns blue when wet, to determine whether the baby has peed in it. This diaper feature is reliable enough when you do not have time because you're doing household chores or even on a play date with your little one. This will help you to indicate when it's time to change your baby's diaper.


It is essential to monitor a newborn's urine production in order to ensure that they are well hydrated. When they urinate, the urine indicator may miss at least some time, so check frequently with a pat check or by checking the diaper itself. A newborn should be changed every 2-3 hours during the day, and you will be able to determine whether the baby has peed.


Do babies cry when a diaper is wet?


Because of the advancement in diaper absorbency, babies sometimes don't know if they have a wet diaper, which means they can't tell you when it's time for a change. Not all newborns cry when they are in a wet diaper. Some babies will be fine to sit in a dirty diaper, while others will want a change right away. It is primarily determined by the baby and its personality.


Checking a baby’s diaper while they are asleep


Changing a diaper while they are asleep might be one of the most stressful experiences a new parent can have. The last thing you want to do is wake up your sleeping infant for a diaper change.


Here are some tips for when your baby is sleeping and you need to check their diaper:

  • If you really must check the baby's diaper in the middle of the night or during their nap, be as quiet as possible and move as discreetly as possible. The idea is to enter and exit the room as swiftly and silently as possible so as not to disturb your little one.
  • If the diaper is really full, do a pat check. If it's not, you can leave them in that diaper until they wake up.
  • If the diaper is not full, you can do a smell check to ensure that the baby has not pooped, but do not move the baby while doing so to keep your baby asleep.
  • Keep the lights off or as low as possible and check them gently.


Sleeping is valuable for parents, so if your baby has peed, it may not be essential to risk waking them up. If they only have a small amount of pee in their diaper, let them sleep and change it in the morning or when they wake up. However, if they have a full diaper or it has soaked their clothes, you must change them immediately.


It might be difficult to decide when to potentially wake your baby for a diaper change, but keep in mind that they can stay in a pee-filled diaper for a longer amount of time and it can most likely wait till they wake up.


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