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Difference Between Tape or Diaper Pants

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Difference Between Tape or Diaper Pants


It is a treat for new parents that there are now various types of diapers for your baby to choose from – all are designed to fit infants of all ages and with different needs for distinct times of the day and different activities. Taking good care of your little one's hygiene is remarkably effortless and simple. But considering that there are a lot of diaper options available lately, some parents might still be confused about which one to choose between the diaper pants and the tape diaper. So, when is the right time to switch from tape to diaper pants? And how do these two diapers differ? We have the answer for you!


What are Tape Diapers?


  • This is suitable for newborns whose umbilical cords have not yet come off since parents may easily adjust the tape under the baby's navel as needed. Diapers for infants are now designed with a soft touch surface ideal for the baby's sensitive skin, as well as a particular u-shaped waistband design. Parents may be certain that their baby's navel area is properly protected from friction. Tape diapers are preferable to use for newborns who are not active yet, primarily those in the stages of breastfeeding and mostly sleeping because they stay in one place. It is best to put on the diaper while your baby is lying on its back and by simply lifting up the baby's bottom.


  • When comparing market prices, tape diapers are frequently more affordable than diaper pants. It is appropriate to use this type of diaper for infants up to 6 months old because particularly during the first month, the baby will frequently poop 2-3 times a day or several times a day every time after being fed. Babies take a dump very frequently in the first 2-3 weeks after birth, and will gradually reduce the frequency of bowel movement when they reach the age of 3 months.


What are Diaper Pants?


  • When a baby is 6 months old, they often roll over onto their stomach and begin moving and crawling. They do not remain still. This makes it difficult to place them on their backs to put on tape diapers. As a result, putting on and removing diaper pants is easier and more convenient at this age. You may place your infant in any position, as well as the legs do not need to be pulled up.​


  • Using diaper Pants include a comfortable and flexible elastic band across the waist and around the legs. Thus, they fit the baby's physical traits comfortably. Parents do not have to worry about their children removing the tape due to their movements if there is no tape strip. Diaper Pants allow the baby to move freely, eager to discover new things. There is no reason to be concerned about leakage.


  • If you have to take your little one to outdoor activities, finding an appropriate location for diaper change may be difficult. That is why diaper pants are simple to put on and remove and an excellent choice for on-the-go! 


Tape and pants diapers both have their distinct features. In conclusion, tape diapers are appropriate for babies up to 6 months of age while diaper pants are appropriate for babies who are crawling and have a lot of movement and activity. However, it is a bit more expensive compared to tape diapers. 


But there is no set pattern for choosing the right diaper for your baby and clearly no indication that one diaper type is better than the other. It’s highly recommended to factor in the child’s age first before making a choice. Everything depends on the parents' and baby’s convenience. Some parents may continue to use tape variant throughout diapering because they are already accustomed to and competent at putting them on and removing them. Meanwhile, some parents may use two different types of diapers, such as diaper pants during the day when the infant is active, and switch to tape diapers at night when they are getting ready to sleep.


Parents should consider the capacity to absorb and design that fits their physique, as well as the comfortability of the surface and the form of the diaper and if it is suited to your little one. Furthermore, regardless of the type of diaper used, change the diaper whenever little ones poop to ensure their health and cleanliness.


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