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Everything You Need to Know About Diaper Rash

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Everything You Need to Know About Diaper Rash


Any new mother would cry if she saw her little one's skin covered in an ugly red, scaly rash, but diaper rash is not only very common (most babies will have it at some point between the ages of zero and two), but it's also very easy to cure with simple at-home remedies and it usually goes away in two to three days. Read along and know what causes diaper rash, how to treat it, and when to get more help are all explained here.

What is a diaper rash and what causes it?


The most common skin problem among babies is diaper rash. It is usually caused by moisture in the diaper area that enables the growth of bacteria, itching, and friction especially when a baby is wearing a diaper for too long. The skin may be red in mild cases and can react to treatments in three to four days. In more severe cases, open sores may develop. 


Any of the following can cause diaper rash:

  • Excessive moisture
  • Friction or Itching
  • When pee or poop comes into contact with the skin for an extended amount of time
  • Bacterial infection
  • Response to diaper material, laundry detergent or soap
  • Food Reactions or allergy


There are many types of diaper rash and the most common type is irritant contact dermatitis which usually develops when something in the diaper or the diaper itself irritates the baby’s skin. More than half of babies aged 4 to 15 months get diaper rash at least once every two months and more likely to happen.


What can I do if my baby gets a diaper rash?


If your baby acquires a diaper rash, it is critical to keep the affected area as clean and dry as possible. Immediately change wet or dirty diapers as soon as possible to reduce the amount of moisture on the skin.


Use a cool, damp cloth and water to gently clean the diaper area. You may also use disposable baby wipes which are free from alcohol or fragrance. If the poo does not come off smoothly, use gentle soap and water. If the rash is severe, use a water spray bottle to clean and rinse without rubbing. Pat dry (again, don’t rub!) and allow the area to dry completely.


Apply a thick layer of anti-bacterial lotion or diaper rash cream which are now available in the market (make use of products that contain zinc oxide). A pinch of petroleum jelly can also be used to create a moisture barrier and treat diaper rash. These moisturizers are generally thick and do not need to be entirely removed while changing diapers. Remember that aggressive cleaning or rubbing can only worsen the baby’s skin condition. Make sure the overnight diaper used is breathable and properly fits to help your baby sleep comfortably through the night. 


Other ways to prevent diaper rash:


Diaper rash can cause discomfort in babies. Severe diaper rash may even cause dangerous infections. However, trying a few simple practices can reduce the risk of a baby experiencing severe diaper rash.


  • Allow your little one's bum to breathe freely by removing the diaper whenever possible.
  • Keep an eye on your baby's diapers and change them as soon as they get wet or dirty.
  • Wash your baby's clothing and linens with detergents that are suitable for babies with sensitive skin.
  • When trying out solid food, observe any changes in your baby's skin and digestion because allergies can cause rashes too!
  • Avoid using baby powder.
  • If the child is old enough to potty train, support them to wear underwear as often as possible.

Which type of diaper should I use?


Diapers are available in cloth or disposable type. Cloth diapers may be cleaned and reused after becoming dirty. Disposable diapers are disposed of after each usage. Some experts say that cloth diapers can actually lead to more diaper rash (or more severe cases) because they don't absorb moisture the way disposables do. However, some parents found their baby’s bottom has allergic reactions to disposable diapers because of the materials used. 


And sharing the good news from MAKUKU Slim Series diapers! This must-have baby product is made up of Super Absorbent Polymer and fruit Vitamin C that prevents diaper rash, keeping the baby feeling dry and comfy. Stock up on these one-of-a-kind diapers which you can avail in Puregold, SouthStar Drugstore, Watsons, Divimart, Landers and Hi-Top Supermarket. First-time users can also enjoy limited discounts and vouchers through leading online stores – Lazada, Shopee, Zalora or Edamama. MAKUKU diapers are also available in Comfort Series which recently has been chosen as one of the winners for 2022 Smart Parenting Awards. In particular, MAKUKU Comfort Tape Diapers won for the Best Tape Diapers category.


But, what is truly more important than the type of diaper is how frequently it is being changed. Just make sure to keep your baby clean, dry, and healthy – whether you use cloth diapers, disposables, or both, be sure to change their diapers as often as needed. The best parenting decision is the one that feels the best for you and your child or you can stick with the diaper type that best suits your lifestyle.

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