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MAKUKU Diapers: Best Diapers For Newborns

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Makuku diapers for newborn baby

Mothers who just gave birth to their little ones want to give the best diaper for their baby. The need for diapers for newborns is definitely different from babies who have been walking for several months. In addition, numerous brands of diapers are being sold in the market but the best choice is to choose the right diaper that cares about the needs of parents, especially their little ones.


According to research, the recommended diapers for newborns have a navel cut or a “U” shaped design because most babies have an umbilical slump or piece of umbilical cord still attached to their navel. After the baby is born, the doctor will tie the baby’s umbilical cord 24-28 after birth. The umbilical cord blood flow will stop and the umbilical cord stump will gradually turn black, harden and dry. It may be painful for the baby and is easily irritated during the first weeks. Usually, the umbilical cord will fall off completely after a few weeks. For this reason, a diaper with a navel cut design is the perfect diaper for newborns.


MAKUKU innovates diapers specifically for newborns that presents a “U” shaped design. These MAKUKU diapers have a “U” shaped navel cut in the middle to reduce friction with the umbilical cord, protecting the baby’s sensitive umbilical cord area. Also, there are other things to consider in choosing a diaper for a newborn like the price or affordability, type of diaper, and diaper materials suited for baby’s sensitive skin,


Curious what are the advantages of MAKUKU Slim Series diapers? Come and see the following features!


Anti-Clumping, Comfortable and No Leaking


MAKUKU Diapers equipped with the latest generation of diapers that uses a Super Absorption Polymer (SAP) structure core with good absorption. The advantages of this diaper is that it does not clump, absorbs evenly, quickly and has massive absorption that can hold up to 500ml urine volumes.


Locks Liquids Well, Surface becomes drier


Baby diapers often leak when full or tilted which causes parents to be picky when buying diapers. MAKUKU Diapers use a SAP structure core that is able to lock the liquid that enters the diaper so it doesn't make the surface of the diaper wet or leak. SAP can lock liquid water under pressure, temperature, and environmental pH. Given this, liquid trapped inside the diaper will not leak which keeps the surface dry.


Thin, Lightweight for a Cooler Day


A thick diaper does not necessarily have a large and good absorption. Thick diapers are also able to inhibit the development of the baby because the baby's bottom feels like something is stuck, especially if it is full and it feels heavy. With this, MAKUKU diapers come with a unique core formula as thin as 0.2cm – making it one of the lightest diapers in the market today.



Urine Indicator


Urine Indicator makes it easier for parents to know whether the baby's diaper is full or not. The urine indicator which is yellow will turn blue which serves as a reminder to parents that it’s time to change the diaper of their baby. This is to avoid the occurrence of bacteria causing red rashes from too much exposure of the diaper area in urine. 


Fruit Vitamin C

MAKUKU Slim was created as premium diaper product containing Vitamin C acid, which provides a hypoallergenic environment for the baby's diaper area while also preventing external leakage. It also provides a gentle acid surface layer that keeps your baby's skin hydrated, moisturized and protects it from diaper rashes, irritation and redness.


Disposal tape


Diaper tape makes it easy for parents to dispose of the diapers. MAKUKU designed the diaper with disposable tape at the back so that mommies can easily wrap the diaper after using. As a result, this will save them time when disposing of used diapers.


MAKUKU side-leak-proof


MAKUKU diapers developed an ultra-thin suspension core and a fully imported water-absorbing polymer structure product technology. The height of the leak-proof sides is up to 4 cm which prevents side leakage efficiently – keeping the baby’s bottom dry and more refreshed. In addition, it provides quick liquid absorption to avoid skin irritation leaving a healthier and more comfortable feeling for the baby.


These are the reasons why MAKUKU Diapers are highly recommended for newborn until they’re fully toilet-trained. MAKUKU Diapers are designed to be skin-friendly to the babies making it worry-free for the parents out there. This diaper makes the babies comfortable in moving all-day while protecting the sensitive skin. Let’s choose a diaper that can make life easier for both parents and babies. 


MAKUKU also offers COMFORT Series diapers that have a massive absorption and can also dry the urine quickly. MAKUKU COMFORT Series is advisable to use during playdates and during night time to avoid frequent diaper changing. MAKUKU diapers are currently available in Shopee & Lazada and coming soon in leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide!

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