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MAKUKU Comfort Diaper is your baby’s new best friend, super absorbent diaper

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MAKUKU Comfort Diaper is your baby’s new best friend, super absorbent diaper

Did you know that a baby diaper is one of the highly essential items of newborn babies and toddlers ages 2-3 years old? Finding the right diaper for your little one is not that easy, especially when looking for the right materials that match with your baby’s skin and as well as its function and liquid absorbency. Given this, its importance should not be taken too lightly because a baby’s skin is super irritable. In addition, the baby's skin is hyper-sensitive and far too different from adults. This is the reason why parents need to be extra careful and meticulous in choosing what brand, product materials, and type of diaper that will be used for their baby to provide the best possible care.


According to research, babies under the age of two are at risk of having health problems due to  diapers that do not suit their skin. Among them are skin irritations such as diaper rash, allergies, redness and urinary tract infections. Usually, the skin problem arises because of the diaper clumps, and not being able to absorb the urine properly which causes the skin area around the diaper to become moist.


In addition, a lot of parents are not aware that inappropriate diaper selection is one of the contributing elements that might impair the skin development of their little angel. For example, when parents purchase a clump diaper consisting of a pulp structure core for their babies – this might result in uneven absorption of fluid in one location. Babies wearing diapers with this type of material may experience discomfort when moving. As a result, it will make the diaper heavier, bulky and will give the impression that it will fall off. In short, this will make the baby feel uncomfortable, uneasy and irritated. If your little one is still using the regular diapers, it might have a high risk of causing diaper rash. It’s time for Mommy and Daddy to switch to diapers that are both super absorbent and have adequate air circulation.


MAKUKU is here to help in overcoming these diaper problems by developing a super absorbent, quickly dries in seconds, comfortable and premium diaper pants.


Introducing MAKUKU Comfort Series Air Diapers! What are the functions of this new generation diapers? And why is it good for the babies?


1. Worry-free butt suffocation


The surface layer of MAKUKU Comfort Series Air Diapers is made out of advanced bump technology that is used to form a hollow under each pearl bump, allowing the product to add more space between the absorbent core and the surface layer. This will reduce the possibility of liquid leakage and will make the baby’s bottom more dry and breathable. Moreover, parents will no longer worry about the baby’s bottom feeling suffocated.


2. Ultra-thin core to protect the baby’s skin


The core layer of MAKUKU Comfort Series Air Diapers is developed with an ultra-thin suspension core and fully imported water-absorbing polymer structure product technology. In addition, MAKUKU air diaper core body is as thin as 0.2cm and is equipped with 70% imported fast-absorbing polymers and 30% of three major water-locking, good returning and small polymers that balances the following: rate of water absorption, amount of water absorption and lastly, the amount of re-osmosis that avoids the baby’s bottom from rash-free and skin irritation caused by urine leakage.


3. Soft and Delicate


MAKUKU Comfort Series Air Diapers bottom layer is made of high-end, hot air non-woven fabric. Through the thermal drying bonding process, the bottom film of the diaper has the characteristics of high fluffy, good elasticity, soft touch feeling, strong warmth retention, good air permeability and more friendly to the baby’s skin.


The bottom layer is also made of breathable and waterproof PE film which has hundreds of millions of ventilation holes! Making each diaper leak-proof, thinner and more breathable so the baby’s bottom feels comfortable.


4. Comfortable and Beautiful


MAKUKU Comfort Series Air Diaper is also made of soft elastic velcro that makes the baby’s waist snug fit and itch-free. In addition, it has a three-dimensional leak proof side wall design up to 4cm in both sides which can effectively prevent side leakage and keeps the baby dry and comfortable. In addition, MAKUKU diapers use Benzac and Ketone-free fat soluble ink for the fruit design making it look cuter and more fun.


Experience the uninterrupted sleep and happier nights with MAKUKU Diapers. MAKUKU is thrilled to be able to help the parents in the Philippines in protecting, caring, and providing the best for their little ones. Parents may now purchase MAKUKU diapers from its official online stores such as Shopee and Lazada. To find out other information about MAKUKU products, promos, and about parenting and baby tips, don't forget to follow their Instagram, Facebook and TikTok “MAKUKU PH”. 

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