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MAKUKU Air Diapers – A New Generation Diaper

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MAKUKU Air Diaper is the answer for Filipino parents that experience diaper problems with their babies. The company developed a premium diaper that provides comfort and protection to the baby's skin that allows them to move freely and comfortably. Also, MAKUKU Air Diapers are designed to cater to the needs of your little one.

Diaper brands will always be a topic of contention among parents when it comes to selecting the premium diaper brands for their babies. Starting off with the kind of diaper, the appropriate size, the type of safe diaper material, absorption capacity, affordability and the list go on.

MAKUKU Air Diapers with Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP)

According to recent research, most parents now choose the more practical sort of disposable diaper as they are thinner and fit better than older versions. MAKUKU Air Diapers innovation will undoubtedly protect the baby's skin from different kinds of skin irritations such as diaper rash, redness, allergies, etc. It is the ideal diaper brand for your little one because it is made of safe polymer materials, and can also maintain pH stability to keep your baby's skin dry and fresh. On the other hand, other diaper brands in the market are made of Fluff Pulp.  Fluff Pulpis a chemical pulp that is usually made of bleached cellulose fiber obtained from wood that has long fibers. It is also more commonly known as fluffy pulp, comminution pulp, and fluffing. This pulp is made from trees that are classified as softwood, which means they belong to the conifer family such as pines and it is usually used in the production of paper. As a result, ordinary diapers that still use the core structure of the pulp tend to accumulate and build up in the long run. Furthermore, the diapers become thick and heavy when absorbing liquid and usually results in uneven absorption and is prone to leakage. The absorbed liquid makes the surface wet on ordinary diapers and causes the baby's skin to become moist and trigger diaper rash and irritation. 

MAKUKU Air Diapers Features

Makuku Air Diaper is the first diaper brand that was able to incorporate SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer). Diapers incorporated with dual-SAP have a faster absorption rate that binds liquid better. It also holds more urine volume vs. diapers without SAP. In addition, it has proven to absorb hundreds or even thousands of times its own weight in pure water and it has a unique bottom layer formula with a 0.2cm  breathable film and hundreds of millions of ventilation holes!Furthermore, it is designed to be identical to a baby's underwear so it can make the baby's butt feel more comfortable. The surface layer of MAKUKU Air Diaper is like a soft touch of a Mother's palm which means it will not irritate nor harm the baby's skin.

The anti-clotting feature of MAKUKU Air Diapers are designed to have different shapes that focus on making the baby feel comfortable and relaxed. The robust SAP structure of the MAKUKU diaper avoids clumping and makes the baby feel lighter when moving. The baby's bottom will be better protected due to its high-absorption power which helps babies feel comfortable when moving, sleep better and feel less agitated.

Lastly, MAKUKU’s Air Diapers are ideally engineered to keep the baby's skin dry. Majority of the skin health problems that babies encounter are caused by having sensitive skin. MAKUKU diapers with SAP technology have a fast absorption capacity that keeps the surface of the diaper dry. MAKUKU diapers can also bind water when forced to change shape, lock in all moisture so that the water does not leak to the surface, making the baby's bottom get comprehensive protection and reduce the chances of developing red rashes. MAKUKU Air Diapers has a 3D surface design which promotes increased air circulation by up to 60%. This leads to accelerated absorption and wet-free diapers. However, this does not mean that parents can leave the babies unattended when it comes to diaper changing, especially during night sleep.It is still advisable to change the diaper at least every 2 hours to avoid any bacteria build up. Overall, MAKUKU Air diapers with SAP core will definitely aid the babies with a long way of comfortability and wellness.

Filipino Parents no longer need to worry about their babies because using MAKUKU Air diapers will not make their little ones feel heavy.MAKUKU urges all Filipino Parents to embrace the new era of diapers with the SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) technology. Experience the difference with MAKUKU Air Diapers New Generation Structure since there is nothing more precious than your baby’s skin. Choose the best baby products and diapers that can keep your little one’s skin healthy. 

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