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MAKUKU Apple VC Diapers is now in the Philippines!

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Experience the high-grade but affordable baby diaper as Makuku Apple VC diapers will be available in Lazada & Shopee.

MAKUKU was founded in 2020 by Mr. Jiang Zhengzhen in Shanghai, China. It is a brand that aims to produce baby necessities for parents all over the world. Due to its high quality products, MAKUKU easily gained the trust of Chinese mothers and proceeded to have 26 branches all over China in less than a year.

In a short period of time, MAKUKU has been known for producing high-quality, high-grade, and safe household products for mothers and babies. They have been trusted to create an international brand image with mommy and baby products, supplementary food, baby's clothing, toiletries, cotton products, milk powder, and many other products that have been making motherhood experiences better as the products become reliable in taking care of their babies.

MAKUKU Apple VC diapers are focused on ensuring the safety and comfort of both mom and baby. We care, and our goal is to provide the best baby products that are both affordable and high quality.

The Philippines is a tropical country with humid weather. It is truly a struggle for Filipina mothers to find the right diaper and best baby products for their babies and one of the examples is getting rid of the red butt, which will be able to combat the irritation caused by extreme heat.

Features of MAKUKU Apple VC Diapers

According to research, Vitamin C was found in 1912, isolated in 1928, and in 1930 Albert Szent Gyorgi produced the ascorbic acid often known as Vitamin C, which allows the body to utilize carbs, lipids, and protein more efficiently. His discovery was one of the pillars of contemporary nutrition. Vitamin C is an organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. In its purest form, ascorbic acid is a white solid and is made synthetically from the sugar dextrose. As such, it can be used as a vitamin supplement and as a food preservative.

So, why is Vitamin C important for your baby? Vitamin C helps form and repair red blood cells, bones, and tissues. It helps strengthen your baby’sblood vessels and keeps his or her gums healthy, reducing bruising from falls and scrapes. Furthermore, Vitamin C aids in the healing of cuts and wounds, as well as boosting the immune system and preventing infection. It also aids the body's absorption of iron from food sources. Vitamin C delivers a weak acid into the diaper inner surface, making it a very safe option for diapers that are sensitive to acid.

In addition, the baby’s urine is not a great match with alkaline-based products; which is why a number of babies get red rashes or skin allergies. It is important to note that when the infant wears diapers, a natural micro-environment will occur. The skin on the baby's diaper area is extremely fragile and moisture is one of the main reasons for a baby’s diaper rashes that will cause the skin to easily get worn and scratched. The mild acid from MAKUKU Apple VC diapers can counteract the alkalinity of the baby's urine and stool, therefore neutralizing the entire butt environment which balances the acidity and alkalinity on the baby's skin resulting in a healthier skin.

As a result, MAKUKU created the first premium MAKUKU Apple VC diapers containing Vitamin C acid, which provides a hypoallergenic environment for the baby's diaper area while also preventing external leakage. It also provides a gentle acid surface layer that keeps your baby's skin hydrated, moisturized and protects it from diaper rashes and redness. It can also help to neutralize the baby’s skin pH level and prevent skin irritation caused by urine which will leave them feeling refreshed and at ease for the rest of the day.

The availability of MAKUKU Apple VC diapers in the Market and Philippine Online Store

MAKUKU – a premium leading brand for mother and baby needs, has arrived in the Philippines and is now rapidly infiltrating the market to meet the needs of Filipino moms and babies. Makuku is ensuring that these baby products and baby kits are accessible and affordable without jeopardizing baby's safety and comfort. In addition, Makuku Team also developed its own Facebook and Instagram profiles to keep the mommies up to date with baby care tips, myths and facts about motherhood, online giveaways and many more! Experience the high-grade but affordable baby diaper brand soon as Makuku products will be both available in Lazada & Shopee. Follow Makuku PH on both shopping platforms and get free vouchers and avail of exclusive promos!

Another good news is that, MAKUKU Apple VC diapers will be readily available in leading supermarkets nationwide for amazing, Filipina moms out there ready to experience the premium and affordable Vitamin C diapers. 

Yes to more happy times and less worry moms with MAKUKU Apple VC diapers, ensuring baby’s in a good mood all day and all night!

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