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How To Choose The Right Diapers For Baby?

Writer:MAKUKURelease time:2022-03-25

MAKUKU baby diaper, the creator of good lifestyle, is now in the Philippines! 

MAKUKU was founded in 2020 by Mr. Jiang Zhengzhen in Shanghai, China. It is a brand that aims to produce baby necessities and household consumption for parents all over the world. Due to its high-quality products, MAKUKU easily gained the trust of Chinese mothers and proceeded to have 28 branches all over China in less than a year and now expanding in other Asian countries.


Choosing Diapers for baby

As for choosing the diapers for baby may seem endless. It’s impossible to know from glancing at the package how to look for the best baby diaper brand and compares it to another when it comes to their absorbency, fit and comfort diapers, or whether or not a more expensive is worth the price. And our goal is to provide the best baby products that are both affordable and high quality and we know how sensitive new born babies are. That’s why MAKUKU created a list that will ease the worries of mothers when choosing the right disposable diapers for babies. 

One of the features that we should consider on finding the best baby diaper brand is to look for the absorbency of the product since this is the most critical trait of any diaper. MAKUKU created the Slim and Comfort series diapers that provides quick-drying, avoiding irritating the skin of babies and ensuring healthy skin and comfort. MAKUKU developed an ultra-thin suspension core and fully imported a water-absorbing polymer structure mode. The height of the leak-proof sides is up to 4 cm, which can effectively prevent side leakage and keep the baby dry and consistent and with a double-layer leak-proof enclosure.

The other important feature to look for is a comfortable and good quality baby diaper. There is nothing more precious than babies’ sensitive skin, and moms all want to keep their babies comfortable as possible. MAKUKU got you! The Slim and Comfort series diapers are made of high-end hot air non-woven fabrics and undergo the hot-drying bonding process, which is the production method of using hot air to penetrate the fiber web on the drying equipment to make it heated and melted to produce bonding – so that the diaper bottom film has high fluff and high elasticity. More so, MAKUKU diapers are made with soft hand feeling, strong warmth retention, good air permeability, and other characteristics making the diaper more friendly to the baby's skin and aims to feel dry and comfortable to prevent them waking up during midnight sleep. This can drastically reduce the incidence of diaper rash, sore bum or irritation and keeping baby's skin feeling fresher. MAKUKU diapers used an advanced bump technology to form a hollow under each pearl bump, allowing the product to add more voids between the absorbent core and the surface layer, making the baby’s butt drier and breathable. 

Moms also consider finding the right size for the baby’s diaper. Every brand of diapers will have a code number and the size is basically divided according to the weight. When parents use it, it is not recommended to consider the age in months, but according to the current weight. In addition, different brands may have different definitions of sizes. For example, some brands of S size are suitable even for newborn babies weighing 4-9 kg. Parents have to make sure with the diaper size when purchasing to avoid blowouts and aren’t fully snug fit. 

Lastly, diaper brands have come out with diapers having wetness indicator lines. MAKUKU Slim and Comfort series diaper urine indicator will automatically change the color based on the liquid absorption amount as a reminder that you need to change the diaper already.

MAKUKU produces only the best quality products to make the lives of consumers more convenient while also guaranteeing that these baby essentials are accessible and provided at reasonable prices without compromising their children’s safety and comfort. The availability of MAKUKU diapers baby shop will be soon in e-commerce stores like Lazada and Shopee and offering surprise vouchers and discounts for first-time page followers. 


Choosing the right baby essentials and diaper is one of the most important decisions as a new parent. Good thing, MAKUKU is now here in the Philippines catering to all Filipina Moms out there and very proud to introduce the Comfort and Slim series diapers – highly recommended and perfect for sensitive skin of every little bundle of joy! What’s more to love about MAKUKU diapers is that it’s made of 4th generation diaper core technology and dual-core SAP absorption which prevents the uncomfortable feeling of lumpy diapers as well as unwanted leakage. It also uniquely contains apple vitamin C, making the diaper area moisturized while helping it neutralize the skin’s pH level that will protect the baby skin from rashes and irritation – leaving them with a fresh, dry and comfortable feeling whole day!


Give your baby the best care as possible and be a MAKUKU mom!


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