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Why Choose MAKUKU Diapers?

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why choose makuku diapers

As to MAKUKU diaper products, it aims to be the best baby diaper in the Filipino market through providing premium, high-quality at the same time reasonable price for its target market. MAKUKU diapers offers soft, breathable and leakproof diapers while prioritizing the baby’s comfort and safety. Aside from those mentioned, MAKUKU SLIM diapers are uniquely containing Vitamin C from the apple fruit to neutralize the baby’s skin pH and reduce skin irritation caused by long bum exposure in urine. MAKUKU diapers is developed using the fourth-generation diaper core technology which are composed of ultra-thin, light polymer materials making it high-absorbent and breathable. 


MAKUKU diaper details are perfectly fit and elastic but delicate to sensitive baby’s skin. It’s design features warm, toned shading patterns with waist band that are made of comfort – not too tight and can be retracted easily for babies to move freely. And as it may seem easy to find the right diaper size for babies, it is best to check the weight and age chart guide for mommies in purchasing right diaper size. Good thing with MAKUKU diapers are available for newborn to infants and toddler sizes. 


The Touch comfort in MAKUKU Diapers


The bottom layer of MAKUKU diapers is made of ultra-fine denier fiber, which is delicate and clean, light and feels satin-like silky touch.  

Babies are naturally active and the bottom layer of diapers will directly contact the baby's legs, so using MAKUKU diapers which are soft and delicate is particularly important.


At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the MAKUKU diapers are made of three globally recognized polymer materials: catalyst, BASF, and Sumitomo. 

It is divided into 9 layers orderly so it is definitely lighter and thinner. It also undergoes the traditional core production process, the core integrated operation mode, integrated molding, avoiding multi-link and multi-scene production processes, reasonably rejecting various dust pollution, energy saving and environmental protection. MAKUKU diapers use silk peptide protein which is an upgraded antibacterial material making the product safer for babies, and providing more assurance for mothers. 


MAKUKU diapers uses an advanced bump technology by forming a hollow under each pearl bump and allowing the product to add more voids between the absorbent core and the surface layer – making the MAKUKU diapers even more breathable. At the same time, the pearl bump design can store heavy flow while reducing the possibility of liquid leakage and making the baby's bum feels dry and rash-free.


Factors those moms consider when choosing essentials needed for the baby


According to the research, 76% of Filipino women seeks quality in switching to a diaper brand and it’s attributed to skin protection especially for sensitive skin or the good comfort fit. Meanwhile, only 22% of the respondents are considering the diapers’ price and 11% are after for the availability or product accessbility.


MAKUKU diapers - Baby shop in the Philippine Market


MAKUKU takes care of the growth and development of infants and toddlers as its core concept strives to become a "creator of good lifestyle" – aiming to build a new retail platform for all kinds of high-quality maternal and infant products. MAKUKU envision to be a healthy and long-standing platform offering famous mommy and baby household products all over the world. 


MAKUKU was founded in 2020 in Shanghai, China by Jeeves Jiang, the founder investor of ATM fund and former overseas Head of OPPO. MAKUKU is a brand which aims at providing baby essentials to all parents across the world. Because of its high-quality products, MAKUKU easily gained the trust of Chinese mothers and has now established 26 branches across China. In international market, it only took six months to win the love of Indonesian mothers, and more than glad to be in the Philippines now!


As parents are always looking for the best for their babies, MAKUKU team are persistently looking for new directions in terms of research and development, design and the application of trendy color patterns, launching high-value products on the market, and seeking high-quality new maternal and infant essentials.


Where to Buy MAKUKU Diapers?


Since there are 13% emergence of Filipino parents preferably find the convenience of shopping at the comfort of their homes; MAKUKU diapers will be soon in Lazada and Shopee carts while offering surprise vouchers and discounts for page followers. Moreover, MAKUKU diapers are rapidly penetrating the top supermarket distribution channels to reach the vast majority of moms who still prefer purchasing their baby essentials in grocery stores.


Worry about what your parents are worried about, think about what your parents think. It is expected that MAKUKU will be able to develop exceptional products that are more suitable for the healthy growth of babies in 2022, launch premium and quality products that are more suitable for mothers and fathers to effectively take care of their babies, and bring infinite new surprises to consumers in the future. 

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