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5 Body Changes that Indicates Danger to Your Pregnancy

Writer:MAKUKURelease time:2022-01-14

The majority of physical changes experienced by women during pregnancy are normal. Although some of these are bringing discomfort to you, they are all just part of being pregnant.


Still, it's normal to be concerned especially for first time moms and question if everything is in order, and how you'd know if it isn't anymore. Although worse cases exist (some stories you have heard from your relatives, friends, and from social media groups) worrying too much won’t help you, so it’s a wise move to know what to be watchful about, when to act and what to ignore.


And if there are any problems occurring, take care of it immediately to avoid worse cases and to stop yourself from worrying.


Body changes that indicates danger to your pregnancy:


o   Vaginal bleeding or spotting, although light spotting is normal on early pregnancy continued bleeding is dangerous. If you’re experiencing this at your early stage of pregnancy this could result to: an ectopic pregnancy, a miscarriage, a molar pregnancy. On the later stage of pregnancy and you’re experiencing this, it could mean that: the placenta is abrupt, placenta is too low, placenta invades the uterus, and a preterm labor that could lead to premature birth. Contact your doctor if you’re experiencing this, your doctor might advise you to be confined for them to have a better observation.


o   Early water breaking, this looks like a great spill of fluid from you vagina (which is different from urine) or constant seeping, if this happens at any time before your 37th week it could lead to a premature birth.


o   If you’re pass to your 20th week, the baby will start making moves, like kicking and turning. If there are sudden changes or absence of foetal activity for more than 24 hours consider talking to your doctor.


o   Frequent vomiting after your first trimester or when you’re morning sickness should have passed.


o   If you experienced / experiencing fever, chills, diarrhea, burning sensation while urinating this could be a sign of infection.

Maternal & Baby Care

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