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9 Healthy Activities for Soon to be Mommy

Writer:MAKUKURelease time:2022-01-14

o   Before beginning any form of exercise make sure to consult it with your doctor.

o   If you suddenly feel faint, light-headed, or out of breath during exercise, STOP immediately.

o   ALWAYS pay attention to your body and don’t overwork it. Pain is usually an indication that something is wrong, let your doctor know if you feel any discomfort.

o   Start from light activities, especially if your body was not used to regular exercise before getting pregnant.

o   Protect your abdomen and back ALWAYS by maintaining proper posture and avoiding activities that will strain them.

o   It is crucial not to force your back once you start to gain weight and have bigger bump. From your fourth month onwards, adapt any workout that won’t put pressure on your back.

o   Keep yourself hydrated all the time and avoid exercising in hot, humid weather to avoid overheating.

o   Start doing birthing exercises each day to prepare your body for the big day of giving birth.


o   Keep a journal or diary of your everyday activities. This will help you to see easier all changes you’re experiencing. Plus this will now be your personalized tips and tricks that you may find useful in the future.


Maternal & Baby Care

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