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11 Tips and Tricks for Dealing With Morning Sickness

Writer:MAKUKURelease time:2022-01-14

Nausea is a frequent symptom of early pregnancy, and it can be accompanied by vomiting. It affects 50-70% of pregnant women in their first trimester. Not only is nausea common, but it's also a sign of a healthy pregnancy.


The pregnancy hormone hCG, which is produced by the developing placenta and aids in the maintenance of pregnancy, is thought to be the cause of the morning sickness, take note that low blood sugar, high stomach acid, stress, and weariness, can also play a role.

But don’t worry, mommies, morning sickness stops on its own by the fourth month of pregnancy, when hormone levels start to drop.

Remember, nausea is natural and is an inevitable part of pregnancy, the good news is it will pass for sure.

Don’t let morning sickness keep you from experiencing the good things of being pregnant. Always think about the joy your baby is bringing to you.


Here are some tips and tricks you could stick on:


o   Keep some plain crackers, rice cakes, or even a piece of chocolate by your bedside and eat something as soon as you wake up to help you get your blood sugar rise.

o   Instead of having three large meals each day, break it to five to six little meals to avoid an empty stomach and to keep your blood sugar constant.

o   Some nutritionists recommend taking 50-100 milligrams of vitamin B6 supplement to avoid nausea. Also, take your daily prenatal vitamin.

o   Avoid spicy or oily foods, avoid being too hot and sweaty, and get enough rest.

o   Allow yourself to unwind. Slowly inhale from your nose and exhale to your mouth, or try to concentrate on pleasing images.

o   Avoid foods or other things that make you feel nauseous by seeing, smelling and tasting.


o   Try eating freshly cut lemons or chips.

o   Try a mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth if brushing makes you uncomfortable. It’s also good in maintaining your tongue fresh.

o   To neutralize stomach acid, drink a glass of milk or take two calcium tablets.

o   Use natural remedy, ginger. Mix it with your water or on your meals.

o   If you love teas, try chamomile or ginger tea, teas has natural way of bringing comfort.

If your nausea and vomiting are persistent (occurs more than once or twice each day), prohibits you from eating and drinking, or last past your 1st trimester, report it to your doctor.

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